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About TeliExpert

TeliExpert is the new dawn in the online consultancy platform around the globe during this pandemic situation.
This platform stated the journey considering the need for both Expert and Customers in day to day life.
There are many experts who want to provide service from home at their convenience and leisure time. On the other hand, a huge amount of Customers need instant support regarding various problems without
visiting Expert office or going out from home for minimizing expenditure and hassle.
To bring both Expert and Customers into a single platform, TeliExpert designed the platform with simple but effective features. Finally, the platform proved as a blessing for both the Expert and the Customers.
Who are considered as Expert?
Anyone who is Expert or Qualified in any particular field and has demanded to a Customer. For example, Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Designer, Freelancer, Media Expert, Journalist, Tutor, Astrologer, Religious Scholar, Teacher, Travel & Visa, Immigration, Business, lifestyle, Fitness, Personal Trainer, etc.
Key Features and Facilities as Expert:
# Instant Account Creation
# Provide Consultation from Anywhere around the World through Chat, Audio and Video
# Get Payment Instantly in Your Account from almost 172 Countries around the Globe
# Unlimited Expert Profile or Listing Creation
# Set Desired Booking Time and Schedule for Customer
# Create Instant or Scheduled Live Session or Arrange Meeting for any purpose from anywhere with a maximum of 500 people
# Share Statues and Video in the Wall (like FB)
# Share Document and E-Prescriptions with the Customer through Chat
# Can Offer Manual Payment of any Amount to Customer through Chat
# Create Online/Offline Courses of any Category for Lifetime Earnings
# Allow Expert to Take Online Quiz Test or Exam
# Send broadcast messages to existing clients for a new offer or related to new services
# Build credibility online through client feedback
Key Features and Facilities as Customer:
# Simple Account Creation
# Select Desired Best Possible Expert
# Consult Instantly or Book Appointment at Desired Time
# Consult through Chat, Audio and Video Directly with the Expert
# Pay Instantly using 20 plus ways including Stripe, PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Bkash, Naghad etc.
# Pay as per consultation time slot
# Join Session, meeting and course anytime from anywhere
# Invite Others using Code

# Buy packages for regular appointment with discounted rate