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 Dr. Zahid has been working as Registrar (in the rank of Professor) at Britannia University, Comilla, Bangladesh since 6th February 2017. As he is holding the position of Adjunct Professor of the university, he is regularly teaching two courses with the students of MBA/EMBA and BBA programmes. He taught different subjects like Research Methodology, Human Resource Planning, Human Resource Management, Strategic Human Resource Management, Organisation Behaviour, Project Management, Training and Development at Britannia University, Comilla from February 2015 as a part time teacher (Adjunct Professor).
 He has also 33 years of working experience at Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD), Comilla, Bangladesh in the areas of training/teaching, research and project experimentation in the field of rural development and development administration, especially on human resources management, entrepreneurship development, financial management, development administration, local government institution, co-operatives, local level planning and project management. He has extensive experience in conducting adaptive research, survey and evaluation studies, feasibility studies and preparation of qualitative and quantitative reports in different areas of social science and business.
 He has authored more than 45 books/research and consultancy reports and journal articles on business studies and different areas of development which have been published at home and abroad. He supervised thesis work of two MBA/M.Sc. students of Chittagong University and Khulna University of Bangladesh and assisted many students of different universities in pursuing M. Phil and Ph. D studies as a mandate of the organization.
 He regularly performed editorial works covering journals, annual reports, newsletters, brochures and research reports.
 He has also extensive experience in assessing training needs, designing course curriculum, preparing of training handbook/facilitator guide, organizing in-country and international training programmes/workshops/seminars for the officials of government and semi-government organizations and NGOs executives. He conducted training classes with the governmental and non-governmental officials, and students of public, private and international universities in different areas of development administration, financial management, HRM and rural development. He acted as resource person in the Research Methodology Courses and Advanced Research Methodology Courses organised for the Faculty Members of Social Science Faculty and Science Faculty at Jahangir Nagar University, Comilla University and School of Military Intelligence (Comilla).
 He was involved as Convenor in designing Development Project Proposal (DPP) on 'One House One Farm (Ekti Bari Ekti Khamar)' Project, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives. He also prepared many project proposals (PP, DPP, TPP) on different areas of rural development. He has obtained vast experience through working with different national and international project sponsoring organizations namely USAID, DFID, UNDP, ILO, ADB, PKSF, The Asia Foundation, Manusher Jonno Foundation and the World Bank.

Research Works/Publications
Books/Research Reports
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    Other Academic Works

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    International Publications/Seminar Papers

  33. Zahid, S. J. Anwar (2014). Climate Change and Agriculture: Adaptation and Mitigation in Bangladesh, Paper Presented in the International AARDO Workshop on Climate Change and Agriculture: Adaptation and Mitigation in Bangladesh held at Ministry of Agriculture, Colombo, Sri Lanka during 22-28 September 2014 (This paper was published by AARDO, New Delhi in 2014).

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